Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Bucket and Spade

The sun may be out but it's still a bit chilly. Hence the sunglasses and jacket combo. I'm loving bucket hats at the moment too.
I want to get one in a shoot soon. There's this floral one for feeling girly...
And then a faux leather one in black to match most outfits and moods for that matter.
Check out Skull and Bones Boys Club for some great garments like this oversized tee I'm wearing:
Keeping out of the chill I had a couple of unique shoots this week. One was for a photography group. It was lovely to meet the photographers and it was completely different to what I normally do whilst modelling. They each had 3 minutes to take some photographs before the timer went off meaning they had to rotate. Here's some of the pictures:
John1 (Sony53)
I feel like these images capture my personality more so then any other before. What a joy to work with new photographers.

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