Friday, 14 August 2015

A rain of inspiration

Watermelon... watermelon... watermelon...
So here's some the images from my shoot with Kaspa Rotti. I got to have fun whilst working... isn't that amazing!?
Image by Gemma Edwards
 From one kitchen worktop to another ^. My second Suicide Girls set goes up in 6 months time. That feels ages away! A lot can happen in a day, yet alone half a year. Until then please make sure you're following me on the site:
A lot did happen on this day. Firstly I shot with Lia B photography, what a delight she is. I'll post some images as soon as I get some back but here's some behind the scenes:
I decided to rock the old double denim today... why not!?
And wore the pink straight for once.
Oh yes- I have a couple of new tattoos too.
Pink pink pink.
I also got soaking wet today walking around London, but what is life without feeling true evidence of life. Sometimes you have to feel the rain to notice the sunshine. All of this got me inspired...
I found some images I wanted to re create to my own interpretation of course.
I hope maybe you're a little inspired now :)
whether it be by a watermelon, the rain or even a daisy.

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