Thursday, 30 July 2015

Daisy and the bee.

It literally has been a case of chasing the daisy this week. I've been as busy as a bee having photo-shoots. It's been buzzing with fun to say the least.
I got the train to Cheltenham to meet the Elite team A.KA. Team Elite (credit to photographer Chris Beasley for #TeamElite)...
You can take a girl out of Essex^
I always make sure my nails are pretty before a photo shoot.
It was so pretty on location, I couldn't help but to sit and keep looking at the beautiful sky.
I met a fellow pink haired gal; Laika and another gorgeous lady (also with coloured hair); Jasmine. Of course this caused for a collaboration...
(Thank you Malice Clothing for our custom made sets)
And for a serious game of Cards Against Humanity.
In the morning, I woke myself up with a cup of rosy lee.
I'm selling some of these polaroid's if you wish to purchase one please email me
And then shot with TripodSki again
 Followed by Chris Beasley, the man with the serious beard.
I can't wait to see the finished images. For now, this bee needs some beauty sleep.
And a break from wearing make up, and some food, and some green tea oh and one more thing...
Cuddles with this one. (I think he missed me a little, I definitely missed him)

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