Wednesday, 19 August 2015

The Willow Tree of wisdom

My favourite film of all time is Pocahontas. It has so many messages hidden within the film and lessons to learn. Which is why I love the fact my baby niece is called Willow. She's beautiful and I got to spend some time with her recently. What a proud aunty I am...
Grandmother Willow in the film; gives advice to Pocahontas about her love life mainly. She explains that only she, can feel what is in her heart and know how to follow her instincts. I believe greatly in listening to your heart. At the moment my focus is on other things rather then finding love again... this is what my heart is telling me right now. Sometimes you need to focus on who you are to let another understand you and you them. However if the wind decides to blow the right man my way, I will try my best to listen ;)
Yesterday the wind blew me to a photo shoot. (Well actually I drove myself there but let's just imagine it was the wind)
Tommy was the photographer... with an amazing tan and good taste in music for the studio. He was a pleasure to work with and I look forward to spotting him getting his groove on at V Festival this weekend. If I go that is, I most likely will but I keep telling myself to stay in and be sensible.
Watermelon again :)
His work is great and the picture below is one of my favourites' instantly. Maybe it's the green, reminding me of Grandmother Willow...
I hope whatever you decide to do for the rest of the week; whether it be sensible or naughty... that you feel in your instincts is right and more importantly you listen to your heart.

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