Monday, 20 July 2015

Chasing daisies and rainbows...

I just thought I would dive in the deep end and start by explaining my hair! It's one of the biggest parts of well, me. It's got to the point if I ever go back to my natural colour; I don't think anybody would know it's me. (I know shock, it's not natural)
 I have dyed my hair nearly every colour of the rainbow.
 Red and yellow and
Pink and blue...
 I can see a rainbow...
See a rainbow too.
My hair before the hair dye:
 I just want to take a moment to talk about what's within as this post is very much about the exterior so far. It's important to accept yourself on the inside as well as out. My exterior is a reflection of my interior. I like to think my personality is just as colourful... quirky and bright! However I'm not suggesting that if somebody is wearing dark clothes that they're feeling dark... because that is not the case. I'm simply saying pay attention to what's inside as well as out.
After all, there's no daisy without a rainbow.
Here's some questions I get thrown at me quite often, answered:

 I do tend to wait a good few months before an intensive bleaching, otherwise I think my hair would fall out. So the secret is to simply let your hair get strong again before another make over.
Yes- I wear clip in extensions normally only on the weekend. I love pom poms and messy buns during the week, oh yes and plaits! I dye them myself from blonde to pink to make sure it matches my hair. My tip is to only use 100% human hair so you can style it just like your own.
I dye my hair mixing it with conditioner once a week, leaving it on my hair for about 10-15 minutes whilst in the shower. It's as easy as that. Just wear gloves when you apply and also when you wash out the dye... there's nothing worse then going out with bright pink hands.
Please don't hesitate to ask me anything else I haven't mentioned about my hair.

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