Tuesday, 14 July 2015

The Daisy Chain

You have to collect (chase) daisies to make a daisy chain. This blog is my daisy chain; in the sense each post represents a daisy.

This blog is a collection of memories, all written and recorded in photos and words. Just like at school... You would never keep a daisy chain for yourself would you? No, you'd show and/or even give your beautiful creation to another. This; is my Daisy chain created to show you.
My aim is to update you where I go, what I do and how I do it.

Firstly I'll introduce myself. I'm Dannika Daisy. I'm 23, from Essex. I don't conform to the stereotypically Essex girl as you may know it. However the necessity to see the world beyond Essex is high on my to do list. I love my friends and family very much... And I love my dogs more than anything in the world.

I'm going to keep my intro short and sweet as you'll learn everything you need to know by following this blog.

I hope you see my blog grow and blossom into something somewhat beautiful; I may even go as far to say as beautiful as a daisy chain.

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