Monday, 16 November 2015

Hot cup of CoCo
So yesterday I had the pleasure of a studio day at CoCo Studios...
I took myself and my daisies to Nottingham! A normal Sunday consists of a hot cup of cocoa on a cold day like today and yesterday in fact. My Sunday consisted of a different type of Coco, it may not have had marshmallows floating on top but it sure hit the spot for contemporary interior design!
There was cake! Thanks to one of the photographers! How lovely!(Who needs marshmallows after all)
Adele has an amazing studio on her hands! I would have loved longer there so I could use each scene area.
Behind the scene pictures:
Malice Clothing harness
Monsignorphotographic who I have shot with before brought some outfits to try too! Loved them.
The last shoot was a wet hair one! So I took my extensions out to avoid any unnecessary frizz! This was with photographer Newschool.
I got to meet and see again some lovely photographers and shoot in a fantastic studio! That's what a Sunday funday should be! I already have some images from photographer Dave Bodey.

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