Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Team Elite!

Oh heyyyyyy! Sorry it's been a while. Before I fill you in on what I've been doing recently; I must, must, mustttt show you behind the scenes of my feature in Issue 69 (Yes, queue the giggles on the number) for Elite Magazine.
So I travelled to the Toon! To a beautiful hotel called Roomzzz. I dropped my bags off and headed to Kaspas to enjoy some naughty desserts with my favourite, Fraser...
So pretty with his cookie dough! Afterwards, we waited for Tripodski (a.k.a Graham) so that we could choose outfits for the shoot.
I had some lovely, lovely companies that sent me a few things to wear. Thank you so much!
Minga London being one... what an amazing mermaid top!
Skinny Bitches being another; a brand that focuses on emphasising those curves.
Dancing Dolls too! Pink pink pink!
Ruth Melbourne Pasties <3
Behind The Scene Pictures:
An out of the shower picture too!
Afterwards we went for food! Hmmmmm
The 'Dannika' pouting. Guilty!
Pulled pork is the one!
In the morning; I helped myself to the breakfast and coffee on the go... what a great idea!
From the magazine:

Read for yourself:
I literally had the best time with the Elite guys, I can't wait to work with them again! I'm selling some bts polaroids on Ebay too...
I can sign them too, just give me a message! Thanks for reading; I'll be back soon with more adventures of a daisy.

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