Friday, 20 November 2015

Daisy Endeavours
I just want to begin this next post with a massive thank you to Box H9 for letting myself and the talented Deckard use their warehouse/club for our shoot! A glitter wall... now that's what I'm talking about. Make sure you check out their twitter for some amazing competitions that could get you a table in their club. Also there's a new event every Sunday from 29th at Faces called @LoveBucketClub make sure you're there!
Now let me begin to explain my the last endeavour's I have set upon...
Well firstly I awoke yesterday morning to find myself locked out of the house; with the dogs. Yes top right is me being just a bit melodramatic.
But hooray! Celebrations to getting back into the house! (Okay they were for the shoot but we can pretend)...
Yup, in the house selfie and sound, or safe and sound shall I say?
So I got to get real geeky yesterday and did a Star Wars themed shoot...
Which side are you on?
We also experimented with levitation I can't wait to see the images Homan Li created! His imagination really inspired me! Check his work here:
 Behind the scene pictures:
Okay so the second endeavour is an introduction to...
I am so proud to say I am part of The Dolls UK click the logo to be taken to our site, meet the dolls and see what performances we have coming up. Here's a little taster as to what I've personally been getting up to with them:
Theeee Heather Divine and myself fire breathing in Colchester for Halloween, Missoula
Annalieza smashing life wearing pink that matches my hair at the Wellington Club.
Popping glitter filled balloons burlesque style.
Annalieza literally ruling the room on the pole.
And Girls just wanna have fun; and play with fire obviously.
What's next? Check the site to see our up and coming performances or to book us for your events! Another link to my daisy chain...

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