Friday, 8 April 2016

National Film Awards

Okay so I know I've been really naughty recently by not writing. But I've had lots going on and after attending The National Film Awards last Thursday; I feel the time is right to intrude on your lives' once again.
So first things first; I made my way to Illamasqua to get my make up did. And what a good job they did! Thanks Becky. There's a brand new eyebrow product I just had to purchase. It's called Brow Build. It's actually temporarily sold out but be sure to sign up to know when it's back in stock because it's magical. So you apply it backwards first of all, so going in the opposite direction of your brow... and then the correct way. You do this a few times to get the desired look. I, myself love my brows thicker so I use it a good few times.

I loved my green and brown cut-crease eye to match my green dress...

The Dress

 My dress is by 'Wolf and Wake' the colour is Forest Green. Their custom made gowns and other garments fit perfectly. I've had a few things from them and I'm always amazed at the detail.
Of course I opted for my signature backless dress. Justin Timberlake knew what he was on about when he brought out Sexy Back. I really think the back can be a whole lot sexier on show rather then other body features.

I teamed it with my vintage Chanel necklace and a couple of cocktail rings. 

The Team

Oh here she is, the beautiful Becky Holt on the right. 
And super hot Terri Altilar on the left.

We attending the NFA's in honour of Angel Tears Vodka who sponsored the night and one of the awards. Meaning Terri got on stage to reveal the nominees and the winner. It was a proud moment and she represented the brand well.

We took full advantage of the photo booth and props.
 Some more pictures from the night:

Cheers to an amazing night full of glitz and glam. Thank you for having us. And well done to everyone up for nomination and to who won.

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