Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Bloggers Hangout

When you look at a daisy do you see white, or do you see pink like I do? Look carefully next time and see the pigments hidden; they'll take your imagination to a much colourful place. I decided to decorate my eyes with pink shadows.
I wore black clothing so I thought why not go a bit crazy on the make up (and hair for that matter). Yes, the dress code was black...
I decided to go for black dungarees, a crop top and then a jumper to keep me warm!
I teamed it with a pink fluffy bag to match my hair. I couldn't help myself, I had to rebel in some way!
My best friend Nixalina also rebelled by wearing her statement red lipstick. And oh boy did she rock it.
This is us at the Bloggers Hangout Event.
It was a lovely location, in the OXO Tower looking out onto the beautiful river.
(Miglio Designer Jewellery)
In the gifting lounge, brands awaited for us... showcasing their products. They were all exquisite.
(True Brit London)
Lovely nail varnishes
(Little Ondine, made from natural products... it just peels off when you wish!)
Skin care products like this beautiful, pink, YES PINK!... gift. Magnitone London have launched this daily cleansing brush to help purify your skin. Together with its combination of sonic oscillations and pulsed vibrations; they have invented an 'energising skin-workout'. The joyful fact of there being a range of pastel colours of this brush to come in just adds major bonus points! Give it a go yourself...
and my favourite; candles!
 They have personalised hashtags on them! What a lovely idea. I even got my own #blogger one! These are by Maison Ves
Here it is with my other favourite candles at the moment!
Thank you to the brands who were there and to Bloggers Hangout for having us!

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