Monday, 21 September 2015

Triple times love!

Boom! It was a triple denim type of day!
A day of good food...
Drinks and doggy fashion!
Yes! I did say doggy fashion! It's the run up to London Fashion Week and what better way then attending an exclusive fashion show with the focus on canines.
I had my make up done especially for the occasion by my favourite; Illamasqua. I met my girl Nix and we headed to the beautiful venue of The Athenaeum Hotel & Apartments.
We met a hot male model too! Meet Basil a.k.a Barkarama.
 Cute little food tasters were presented like afternoon tea. To fit into the British themed night. The two business partners Hiro + Wolf themselves, opened the show wearing pearly Kings and Queen jackets customised for them. How cute!?
We couldn't stop smiling!
This was literally my favourite fashion show I've ever attended.
And like celebrities we got to meet and greet the beautiful, well behaved dogs after the show!
The whole night just oozed with sophistication and love. Love of dogs, love of fashion and love of doing what you love! What an inspiring evening. Oh and of course, Teddi-Bear and Hugo James thank Hiro + Wolf for their goody bag! 
(Teddi-Bear Jeffery the Shar Pei, age 10)

(Hugo James Jeffery, the Shepadoodle, age 1)

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